Community Information

Enable your WiFi ready device and select "Community Xfinity" in the list of available networks, then launch your browser. 
Follow the on-screen prompts to sign in.
To learn more, visit
Please note this an unsecured network.
SRCA has TWO drop box locations!!
The recently built expanded mail station on Brackett has a new black drop box.There is now a drop box slot in the office door at the Community Center.
The new drop box slot at the Community Center makes it even easier to drop any condo payment checks, request forms or general correspondence to the Board when you are visiting for a social activity or game time.
Also, you will notice that there are hard copies of frequently used forms (Common Area Improvement, Request for Agenda Item, Biennial Resident Audit, and others) available in pockets on the office door at the Community Center.  Feel free to take whatever you need.  If there are forms that you do not see but you feel should be included, please let the Board know and we will add these as well.
This is to remind all owner's that a common area improvement form MUST be approved by the Association before you perform any work in a Common area.