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Yard sale

If you are interested in a spring yard sale please email sparklingriveractivity@gmail.com
Yard sale will be June 29th

Merry Mondays

Merry Mondays barbecue was a big hit last year.  The Hansens and Morriseys lead the event with help from others.
We would like to do this again from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  We need 1 or 2 couples or several individuals to volunteer to be the lead.  Their job is primarily to control inventory and keep track of expenses and profits.  It is pretty easy and we can show you how to do it.  We also need someone to take in money, cook and serve.  If you would like this event to continue we need you to volunteer.  If there is a week or two you can't make it, others can cover.  Please consider helping.  We cannot always ask the same people to lead events.  Please volunteer and help your community.  This is a fun acricut and pretty easy.  Contact sparklingriveractivity@gmail.com

Thank You

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Several years ago we had Sunday afternoon cornhole.  If this is something you would be interested in, please contact Sparklingriveractivity@gmail.com or 603-548-5911.  We would like to see one or two residents take the lead and have an organizational meeting to discuss how you would like to proceed.  We have the equipment, and it can be any day you decide. It is a fun, easy and not strenuous game that anyone can play and can be any day of the week.

Non profit presentation

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American Flags

If you  fly the U.S. Flag at your home, when the President or Governor calls for the flag to be flown at half mast, you can do so by purchasing a black mourning streamer to put on your flagpole with the U.S. flag. You can see one at Amazon using this link. They are not expensive, less than $10.
check this link if you are interested

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NEED A RIDE TO AN APPOINTMENT?The Greater Nashua Regional Coordination Council (RCC7) is one of eight regional councils serving under the State Coordinating Council for Community Transportation. Together these organizations are striving to develop a sustainable statewide system of coordinated community transportation providing improved local and interregional mobility and access to all.
Learn more and review the attached Mobility Brochure

Bike Rack

Bike rack is now located in the rear of the community center.

Need a Notary?

One of our residents is a  licensed Notary Public commissioned by the State of New Hampshire. She is happy to offer community members one (1) free notary service per person.  Please login to the website and go to the owners page for contact information.

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