Kudos Korner

Thank you to Dick McKinnon and Al Hand for doing an outstanding job negotiating with Groundhog. Your presentation at the board meeting was comprehensive.  Your approach to the vendor and analysis was very professional.   You are looking out for your community.  We appreciate your efforts!
Kudos to Groundhog.  They did a superb job on new Brackett.  My driveway and porch area were done twice.  Absolutely could not ask for a better job.  They road and and parking area done to bare ground!!  Just wanted to express my appreciation for a job well done!
 Kudos to new resident Peter Semenchuk for helping deliver the wreaths to the cemeteries on Wreath Day December 16th. Also helping with wreath distribution were long time residents Jack Madden and Scott Anderson.
Over the last 2 1/2 months I have experienced the kindness and caring of so many wonderful people here at Sparkling River during a difficult period.  I have received calls, visits, flowers, food, cards, birthday greetings (and cake) and folks who took over duties I could not perform.  So much from so many of you during my bout with pneumonia.  I am very blessed to live in a community of such wonderful, caring people.  I am grateful for your thoughtfulness  and support.
Liz Paszko
I heard that many people came together in the extreme heat to clean up all our errant branches , twigs etc and get them to the chipper. It is so nice that our neighbors, who are able, worked together for our common good. This neighbor really appreciates your efforts and willingness to come together as a community.
 Kudos to Al Hand and Cathy who Volunteered without even asking to eradicate our wasp nest. A little bit of foam went a long way.! Our neighbors are the best! Thank you very much!

This morning I saw Mark Peterson busily working on our irrigation system in front of my house. I was very much impressed that year after year there are people like Mark who tirelessly strive to make our lives better. Their devotion and commitment are very much noticed. They work for no pay and use their own vehicles at their expense and I have never heard one of them complain. Yet, there seem to be some residents who do not have the same impression. Shame on them.
I don’t know what we’d do if they weren’t here. Thank you all.
Rick Lawrence

Kudos to residents Christina and Jack Madden who were selected by the Hudson Chamber of Commerce as citizens of the year.
A Big Thank You.
Have you noticed how much brighter our community is at night? Thank you to the resident who did the research and recommended.  Thank you to the resident who donated the lights.  Thank you to the residents who installed them.  You are all team players and have made out community a safer place!
Thank you to all the residents who helped decorate and take down holiday decorations.  However, there is so much more.  Whether you have helped  with a specific event or helped to clean up, or washed a tablecloth or planted a plant, done an installation, made a donation, and more more more.  So many of you do a little something here and there and it truly takes a village.  This is a great community.  Thank you all for doing your part!
Thank you to the Hudson fire department for once again being there for Sparkling River residents.  Kyle Levesque, lieutenant and paramedic conducted a CPR Class for our residents. Thank you to the residents who took the time and energy to take the class to the benefit our community.  Bravo Paul Bartlett, Maryann Bellafontaine, Bob & Linda Frescura, Annette Mckinnon, Sue Nicolai, Mark Peterson, Linda Sartori and Tom Serino!
Liz Paszko
Kudos to my wonderful neighbors in Sparking River. The outpouring in such a short time and the generosity for the Hudson Community Food Pantry has been great. I just picked up the first load and so pleased by the response. I can assure you that this will be put to good use for the people of Hudson who need the help. Thanks so much
Karen McLavey
Treasure - Hudson Community Food Pantry
Sparkling River Resident
If Liz Paszko isn't running an event, she's supporting the person who is. I had the opportunity to experience this at our 1st trivia last night. Both Liz and John stepped up to the plate and made sure the evening ran smoothly; and we also had some fun. Thank you Liz and John; you're the best!
Judie Gollwitzer
My good neighbor is well known in our Community, but I believe some residents may have not interacted with him yet.  He is quick to help, even when you don’t ask for it.  He will cut out dead branches or dig out weeds, he will put garbage cans back by the house or take your porch furniture back to you basement entrance for the winter.  If you ask him for advice, he has a wealth of knowledge, tools for all jobs, and ready to get started.
 We see him around the Community, helping someone or mowing the grass, or building something at the Community Center.  The telltale clue that he is working there is his trusty white pick-up!   Another clue – he has a lovely wife Ann who as ready to help someone as he is.  He has been on the Board of Directors for a couple of years, and all who work with him discover he is a natural leader.  Of course I am writing about Mark Peterson – no one else can match his identity.  
In the year I have been a resident at Sparkling River, I have reflected many times on how much he enriches our Community.  Leaders and helpers like Mark add value in dollars for their dedicated volunteer work, and they add value to our lives.  We are happier because we know someone great, and our lives are richer because they help us and the family.  
 It is my wish that all Sparkling River residents will know my dear neighbor, Mark!
Ann Saad
September has been a wonderful month for SRCA!  Kudos to Maryann Cintolo for organizing a arep barbecue.  She had lots of helpers but Maryann was the driving force.  It was one of our best attended events ever and such a beautiful day to enjoy our new facility!
Second great event, Night at the Races!  Cheryl and Mike Morrissey and all their helpers introduced us to a new level of fun.  It was a wonderful evening.  Everyone had so much fun.  The buzz was "when are we going to do this again!"   Sparkling River is a great place to live because of people like this and all of you! 
Liz Paszko
Frank and I would like to thank the Morrissey's for initiating the "races" . everyone involved did a fantastic job for a well spent night.
Sally Clay
I am honored to recognize Liz Paszko for her selfless, tireless work as both Activities Director and Web Master. In record time, Liz has managed to create a lengthy diverse program of activities to suit every member of our community. Liz has gathered neighbors and participants to engage in our community, for fun, socialization and educational endeavors. All are welcome to contribute ideas and to participate. This is the community I hoped we would become, only better. New programs and ideas keep coming. Thank you Liz for all you have done to make Sparkling River a wonderful place to live. 
Maryann Cintolo
We wanted to say thanks to all who organized, contributed to, set up, and cleaned up after the Annual Cookout. It was very nicely done! The burgers were especially delicious, as were all the offerings.  Having the added space of the beautiful Community Center was a bonus! Again, many thanks! We appreciated everyone’s efforts!
Sincerely, Pat and Don Painchaud
Many thanks to our wonderful neighbors who helped make the 2022 BBQ a huge success. Maybe you set up tents, cleaned or manned the grill (Great job Dick and Tom!) Maybe you set up or broke down tables and chairs. Maybe you baked some delish desserts, or prepared great side dishes/salads, fruit, beans. Maybe you helped to set up food or helped clean up. Maybe did many jobs and offered help and support, lugged items, getting ice, soda, and things too numerous  to mention. Together, we did it as a community to provide a good time for all. I could not have done it without each and everyone of you. My sincere gratitude to all. God Bless our community! So glad to be part of you.
Maryann Cintolo
 Kudos to Liz for the great advertising for wthe Yard Sale. The traffic because of her advertising was great and a big success for us at least. A lot of work for Liz to do that and we thank her. Karen & Dave McLavey
Sending a thank you to Liz Paszko for the wonderful job she did organizing the Sparkling River Yard Sale. I know it was a complete success at our house. We were almost sold out at 12:30 pm. The people just kept coming right up till 2 pm. It was a great success. 
Pete and Phyllis Semenchuk

I would like to thank the Sparkling River board for flying the flag at 1/2 mast in honor of my husband! Also i would like to thank all my friends here who were so kind to send me sympathy cards and spiritual bouquets, your thoughtfulness meant so much to me and i am happy to be part of such a great community!
Linda B Sartori
A big thanks to the clubhouse committee for joining in on the selection of curtains for the community center.  They look GREAT!  A big thank you to the team led by Nancy and Marc Vachon to hang them.  Annette and Dick Mckinnon, Mark Peterson, Simonne Buckley and Linda Sartori were all the to help add this finishing touch to our beautiful center.  Great to have such good neighbors in our community  - Liz Paszko
Kudos to Frank Clay for his hole in one at Overlook Golf Club on the 17th hole.  NIce job Frank!  -Paul Libitz
Kudos to Liz Paszko for her tireless work to improve our community. She manages the website and chairs the Activities Committee. LOTS of work goes into both of those activities. The website looks terrific and the Activities committee, under her guidance, has flourished and will provide the community with some enjoyable activities. - Christina Madden
Joe and I would like to say thank you to our landscape company Groundhog for their exceptional service during the winter season. Sometimes we get busy and forget to say thank you for a job well done. Groundhog's service was timely, professional and kept our neighborhood safe. Joe and I greatly appreciate all their efforts! - Joe and Shirley Paquette
I would like to thank Mark Peterson for his kindness. He shoveled out my driveway  and walkway yesterday.    Hugh and I have difficulty waking , so this  was greatly appreciated. - Diane Savage
As a new member to the Community I wish to thank everyone for welcoming me and making me feel comfortable in a new environment. It is always hard to move, but moving to SRCA has been much better than I could have imagined. I especially want to thank Dick Mckinnon for all his help. - Peter Bloom
I would like to thank my neighbors Deb, Tom, and Paul for snow blowing and shoveling 7 driveway ways and walk ways last storm, while waiting for the plows to arrive. It is so great how all the neighbors look after each other. Thank You.
David Kwiaktowski
I would like to acknowledge the kindness and thoughtfulness of my neighbors on Bracket and Doveton Ln. Recently I was helping my daughter into our condo to begin her recuperation after surgery. She was a little unsteady because of medications and needed more than my assistance. Well, we were almost immediately surrounded with help. Again this happened on Sunday Dec 12th. Only this time I needed assistance. There they were again, just and willing and with just the right set of skills. THANK YOU SO MUCH - Joan Newman
Thank you to Diane Savage for initiating decorating the Gazebo and thanks to the Letendre's for decorating.  Everyone enjoys!  
Liz Paszko
I would like to thank all the members of the community who have joined the Activities Committee. (Carol Bartlett, Simonne Buckley, Maryann Cintolo, Barbara Fortier, Jo Inzenga, Christine Madden, Jack Madden, Faith McMichael, Shirley Paquette, Linda Sartori, Lorraine Serino, Diane Sherman and Nancy Vachon.    You have all brought your ideas, knowledge and effort to the table.  Thank you all.  Together we will have many fun times ahead.  
Liz Paszko
Thank you Linda Sartori for being so kind and thoughtful after my surgery in November. You came and sat with me while my husband went to the pharmacy and checked in by phone numerous times afterwards. You also provided a delicious meal for us! I am so blessed to have you as my neighbor.  - Shirley Paquette
Many thanks to our residents who were able to attend this year’s BBQ.  So many generously brought wonderful salads, beans, fruit and desserts. Others set up, cooked, cleaned and offered help in many ways. I met some new neighbors and renewed conversations with others. This is truly a wonderful community of good people. I look forward to seeing you all when the clubhouse opens.
Maryann Cintolo
Thank you to Mary Cintolo for organizing this years barbecue.  This was out best attended barbecue to date! She has lots of helpers, cooks, setup, shopping, cleanup.  We had a beautiful day and everyone had a wonderful time.  Great job everyone!  Thank you for attending, sharing, participating.
Liz Paszko
I would like to personally thank Dick, Tom, Mark, and Laurie, our board members, who worked to either, items from our generous residents, set up tables and tents, emptied cars and trucks, and worked the yard sale. I am so blown away by all the folks who baked, donated, supported, and helped part or all day Saturday to make our yard sale such an overwhelming success. Special thanks to Paula Crane’s grandchildren, who selflessly donated the proceeds from their lemonade stand and home grown pickled cucumbers. Thank you Liz Paszko for your advertisements and notices to home owners. Moving to Sparkling River was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love our community, and look forward to seeing you all at our barbecue on September 25, 2021. Many thanks to those mentioned and those I may have left out.
Maryann Cintolo
Please convey this shout out to all the board members, committee members and residents who worked on the yard sale yesterday. Unbelievable and fantastic job! Please know you are all appreciated! Thank you for all your hard work
Thank you and the many others that worked so hard in making the yard sale so successful. Sales totaling almost $4,500 is amazing!
Congratulations to you and the team.  
I would like to extend a kudo to Maryann Cintolo.  Maryann has generously stepped up to chair this years annual barbecue.   I will be unavailable and she generously offered to run  the event.  No surprise tho, Maryann always offers to help.  She is active on the clubhouse committee as well, in fund raising, rules and outfitting.  Maryann has generously been spending a great time helping the community.  Sparkling River is lucky to have her as a neighbor and resident.
Thank you Maryann - Liz Paszko
I would like to give kudos to our new groundskeeper mowing behind Cricketfield and Leybridge. 
This young man has a "plan " to mow this large area. He is mowing in a straight line, around trees as he comes to them. The lawn looks very professionally cut. Thank you Groundhog.
Sally Clay
Kudos to Dick, Tom, Bob and Dick Hanson for helping me repair the main irrigation line behind 47 Weymouth Ct. Neighbors awoke Friday morning to a flooded area behind 47 and 51 Weymouth Ct.  We had to run several pumps to evacuate all of the surface water and then excavate down about two feet to locate bad 3 in pipe joint in order to find source of leak and repair.  Special thanks to Dick Hanson running down to True Value to pickup a new cab as we were all muddy.
Submitted by Mark Peterson  
Kudos to Mark as well!
Kudos to Sousa Realty, Manny Sr & Jr. 
All promises/deadlines are continually met. 
Outmost respect for our residents by their contractors.  They went over and above at a great expense to themselves to solve road grading water issue on Cricketfield. 
I’m confident this will continue until project is complete. 
If any residents cross paths with Manny Jr or Sr, please take a moment to thank them for their efforts to complete what our previous developers could not.
Dick Mckinnon
Many thanks to Mark Peterson for cleaning out my front gutterst. This allowed the rain water to flow properly and freeing the blockage. Also, Mark and Dick guided me in getting a small sump pump, when the water was collecting in the back yard, getting closer to the house, during the torrential rain storm. Mark helped me hook it up to my hose and within 1/2 hour, all the puddles of water were dissipated. I could be thanking Mark every month for all the help he and Ann have provided me in the 1 1/2 years of living here. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Laurie Saad
I’d like to say thank you so very much to the wonderful and welcoming residents of Sparkling River and especially my the neighbors on Cricketfield Lane for their kindness and generosity during a time when I needed it most. For those who do not know, my husband and I planned to move in to our beautiful new home on April 15th. I moved in, but my husband passed away on April 24th and, sadly never got to spend a night here. I feel blessed to be living here among such caring people.
Judie Gollwitzer
Kudos to you, Liz! Your Wednesday Web emails are really informative and the website is awesome! You've taken it to the next level. Thank you so much for all the time you've spent on the website and your work going forward.
Christine Madden
I would like to give Kudos to Ed Marden. Ed offered his expertise with the sprinkler system the other day as a consultant. Even though he recently moved and works full time, he came when asked to advise Mark about the system. He is a neighbor that is still giving back to our community. 
Lorraine Serino
I would like to recognize Liz Paszko for her outstanding work on communication with the residents of SRCA. The amount of time put in to set up the web site, and keep it going is beyond what is expected of a resident. Your dedication and efforts need to be brought forward. Please keep up the good work. I look forward to your comments every month. 
David Kwiatkowski
Thank you Shirley Paquette for offering to help with Welcome committee.  Helpers are always welcome. 
Thank you Jack Madden for sharing "Hudson Remember When" with the community.  A link has been added to the Hudson Community link page  on our website and has lots of interesting history.  Thank you again for your positive contribution!
Liz Paszko
On the mornings of those pesky winter storms, before First Choice began to plow, Steve Coupe was outside shoveling our driveway. He knows that we are still working and need to get out fairly early. Steve was not asked, he just came next store and cleared our drive and walkway, more than once, for which we are very grateful. Both Steve and Lisa are always willing to help anyone. We are thankful to have such great neighbors.
Beverly & Dick Rose
Thank you Tom Serino for steppiing up for our community and returning to the Board filling the void left by Ed Marden.  We know you will do a great job as yo have in the past.  Thank you for volunteering and putting in the hours and hard work that all the board members do!
I wanted to thank Mark Peterson for all the extra things he does to benefit our community! He is always helping his neighbors all over the complex! He is a great addition to our board! 
We are so lucky to have the wonderful board we have, they all go above and beyond to make this a better place to live! Thank you! 
Linda & Jim Sartori  
Kindly allow me to to bring to your attention and publicly thank Mark Peterson for his help today. Mark went out of his way in uncovering buried sprinkler heads. He used his own tools and equipment, and his efforts are greatly appreciated. We think Mark should be nominated for neighbor of the month. Thanks again  
Very Fondest Regards - The Lawrences at Wickford
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